Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Culinary Programming
   At Bocca Felice, we are dedicated to making our community healthier through teaching how to eat a diet based on healthy, seasonal, and locally- produced foods. And we are thrilled each time we are given the opportunity to reach a group of people and encourage them to   join the journey of greater health and dynamic living!
     Our new 2018 Culinary Programs are synonymous with the goals of many insurance companies today-- to be more proactive in our health and avoid inflammation and disease rather than to treat and medicate after the body's natural defenses have given up.
     For those of you looking to bring one of Bocca Felice's high-energy, hands-on demonstration-style programs to your organization or business, we have provided below our new 2018 Culinary Programs, followed by a list of our established programs that include a 1 - 1 1/2-hour interactive demonstration that highlights the nutritional benefits of eating more healthy, seasonal, local foods.     
     Participants will learn to create and sample several dishes, and receive support materials to bring home and apply the valuable information gained from our program/ demonstration in their kitchens.  If the needs of your organization are different than than what is described in the classes below, we will gladly create a program to suit your needs.  
     For tuition information, please contact Gina by email or phone. We look forward to bringing greater health and wellness to your organization! (*Menus provided are subject to change based on local availability.)

2018 Corporate Programs:

"Clean Eating 101-- Creating Healthy Eating Habits (for 2018)
For some time now we have heard all the buzz about Eating Clean, and how good such habits are for you-- but to many, Clean Eating translates to "boring, flavorless, and inconvenient eating".   Oh, but that is NOT the case! Join us for Cooking Class where we will learn how to convert your pantry into a Clean Eating resource to create meals that are healthy and full of flavor!  We will do a comparison of Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs, and decode food labels such as natural and organic; all while highlighting seasonal, locally-grown foods in the many dishes we will prepare together.  So start off the year on the right track to creating healthy eating habits for you and your family! changes in how we fill them.  

“The Fit Fridge”

It seems that we are all aware of the fact that a healthy lifestyle involves eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and managing stress effectively.  And when a person chooses to make these healthy habits a regular part of his/her lifestyle, it not only has long-term benefits such as eliminating disease and increasing quality of life, but allows for improvements in how you feel and perform from day to day.

     “The Fit Fridge” was introduced as our 2013 Healthy Cooking Class of the year.  This class was created to engage and motivate the members of your organization toward healthier living.  Together we will take a realistic look at what is in our refrigerators, and discuss ways we can make positive changes in how we fill them.  We will review the new health food and diet trends circulating, and translate what benefits these trends may have for our healthy eating plans.  This positive and encouraging class is filled with exciting tips, techniques and recipes that will jump start your members on the lifelong path to greater health and wellness.

"Cooking for a Healthy Heart"
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and it is clear that diet and nutrition greatly influence the health status of one’s heart.  Yet, it is unfortunate that our community continues to consume large amounts of trans fats, saturated fats, processed foods and refined sugars, while coming up short on foods that help prevent or reverse heart disease.

     In our “Cooking for a Healthy Heart” program, we will arm the members of your organization with the knowledge needed to make heart healthy choices to a better diet.  We will focus on eight eating strategies (based on recommendations of the AHA) that will serve as the building blocks toward greater heart health.  We will reiterate these strategies throughout class as we cook up a collection of innovative recipes that will be easy to recreate at home, taste delicious, and of course promote a happy, healthy heart.

"Down with Diabetes" 
Type-2 diabetes is a silent killer that occurs as a result of the body's resistance to make its own insulin.  It further leads to decreased energy and a rise in sugar build up in the bloodstream.  Evidence suggest that eating a healthy diet can help lower glucose levels in the blood and improve the body's production and use of insulin.  
     In our "Down with Diabetes" Cooking Class, we will share the key ways to use your diet to stave away (or control existing) diabetes.  We will discuss such preventative topics as weight management, high fiber whole grain intake, cooking with lean proteins, and half-plate veggie eating-- all while together we prepare seasonal dishes that are full of flavor and surprising absent of high-fat and high-sugar ingredients.  Let's silence this silent killer!

"Cooking to Combat Stress & Anxiety" 
Stress & anxiety are common problems in our fast-paced world.  When our bodies undergo stress, not only do we suffer from unpleasant feelings in both body and mind, but the increased secretion of the stress hormone cortisol intensifies our appetite for sugary, high-fat foods.... which in turn further fuels a negative spiral of poor eating and further poor health. 
     In our "Cooking to Combat Stress & Anxiety" Cooking Class, we will discuss why good nutritional habits are essential during periods of stress, and the importance of sticking to a balanced diet every day to help the body handle its physical stress response.  We will aim to identify and eliminate the foods and eat habits that can derail our best efforts toward stress-free living-- while we share healthy snack and meal recipes that will strengthen our bodies to handle stress constructively.  Now take a deep breath and remember that there is no stress to healthy can be easy, fun and stress-free!  Ohm!

"Building a Wholesome Foundation"
Are you looking for a program filled with energy and passion to jumpstart your guests onto a course of greater health and wellness?   The objective of this class is to help lay a wholesome foundation to your culinary habits by providing a guide to making better choices every day...eliminating processed foods and seeking out local, seasonal foods that will sustain and nourish your body.  The perfect introductory program to drive you to take ownership for what you eat and how your feel! Get healthy!

"Weekly Meal Planning 101"
The excuse we most often hear for why people cannot prepare healthier meals is "I just don't have time."  This class is the perfect guide to advanced meal planning, bulk shopping, and weekend prepping that can motivate even the busiest person to eating well.  A large collection of recipes is provided to keep meals exciting and inventive. 

"Savoring Summer's Bounty"
With the summer’s fresh fruits and vegetables appearing at all our local farmers markets, we need to prepare our kitchens to create fabulous fare using them.  We’ll take a “Tour de Herbs” to learn more about culinary herbs, their amazing healing properties, and how to use more of them in your everyday cooking....with a special focus on how to use herbs to help eliminate sodium from your diet." Summer is here!! 

"The Skinny on Fats"
Do you know how to eat right for a healthy weight? Or, how the type of fat you eat can affect your health? Let’s take a  Tour de Fat , and learn about the different fats out there, and how to separate the good from the bad, from the ugly  We will be demonstrating how to use more healthy fats in our cooking, along with strategies to keep your weight healthy throughout the year.

"Spicing Up Fall's Abundance"
Let's get together and share some amazing seasonal recipes! Butternut squash, kale, apples, pears, arugula, pomegranates, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, leeks, potatoes and cabbage are just some of the foods grown right here in the Carolina Piedmont during autumn that we will put together to create delicious seasonal fare...."Tis the season" for healthy, delicious and nutritious eating!

"Happy Healthy Holidays"
Want to learn how to bring ‘good health’ to the holiday season?  In class, we will be discussing portion control, how to incorporate healthy ingredients into your favorite recipes, the value of seasonal and local eating, and kitchen remedies to help your body combat the stresses of the holiday season.....all the while cooking up a collection of holiday fare for you to mingle over and sample during and after the class.

"Garlic, Garlic, and More Garlic"
Garlic has been used as both food and medicine in many cultures for thousands of years.  Many of us treasure garlic for its culinary value, but aren’t aware of all the nutritional benefits that it boasts.  Come and learn some delicious ways to add this extremely beneficial bulb to your cooking repertoire, and immediately improve your overall health and well-being.

"Green Your Culinary Routine"
This program examines different ways we can lessen our impact on the making eco-friendly choices while shopping for your weekly meals, sharing recipes for all-natural cleaning supplies, and committing to easy composting and recycling strategies in your home.  We will be creating delicious dishes using what is locally growing "green" this
season, and sharing creative ways to use perfectly good ingredients that you would otherwise throw away.  Go Green!

"Food and Your Mood"
In our busy lives, stress is difficult to avoid. We are constantly bombarded with stress inducers....deadlines, traffic, restless sleep, economic concerns, etc.  To help combat these agitators, there are also many choices we can make to improve how we feel, and good nutrition is an important piece of the stress-relief puzzle.  
    This class takes a closer look at the foods that will help soothe stressed-out nerves, mellow anxiety and guide you on the path to overall health.  Together we will create some simple, seasonal dishes that contain such body-boosting nutrients as Vitamin B, Folate, Magnesium and Vitamin C.  It is time for you to make the choice to banish the stress agitators, and to eat more “good-mood foods”!  

"Breaking the Sugar Habit"
Why are we all so addicted to sugar? Learn about all the sugars and sugar alternatives available to us, and which ones are harmful or beneficial to our health. We’ll demonstrate how to reduce the sugar in your favorite recipes, along with possible substitutions. It’s time to eliminate the sugars!


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